Cosmic Egg

  • Acrylic, ink, paper on wood with gold and blue barocco frame
  • 60cm x 80cm [Framed: 94cm x 74cm]
  • 2019

This work is no longer available.


About this work

Heterogenous, abundant and firmly alternative, Ciou’s world is a visual compendium of fantastic themes and styles, cultivating a taste for the odd and folkloric. Ciou approaches in her work subjects including nature, death, metamorphosis, paganism and beauty.

Self-characterized as a Necro Kawaï art (Necro for the dark side, Kawaï for the cute side), her style is the result of a massive hybridation of European, American, Mexican and Japanese graphic fields. A large part of Ciou’s world can besides being described as a strange carnival parade where tattooed ladies, charming freaks and outsiders are the norm. She composed acid coloured farandoles with attractive nymphs, phantasmagorical animals and anthropomorphic plants grow and intermingle.

Additional information


Ciou, born in Toulouse in 1981, actually works and lives near the forest and the Atlantic ocean in France, after living in Bruxelles and Paris. 
She succeeded to gain a relevant place in the world of contemporary pop art and lowbrow, at a very young age. The exhibit that gave her international visibility was in 2004 at the Flux Factory gallery  in New York City  with the group show  "Cute and Scary" with confirmed lowbrow artists. Since then she was exhibited all around the world : Japan, USA, Europe and Australia.
She is represented in the Netherlands by the gallery Kochxbos in Amsterdam since 2008. A great collaboration with Hans Bos and Esther Koch gave them the opportunity to several solo shows and art fairs. She made her first Solo Show at Vanilla gallery in Tokyo in November 2017. Ciou is actually working on several projects : a group show in Paris with Gang of Witches, an event in  Los Angeles and New York, a group show in Tokyo at Vanilla Gallery,  Kunstrai art fair and  her solo show at Kochxbos gallery in Amsterdam. Stay tuned 2019 will be full of surprises! 

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