Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak



  • Oil on linen
  • 60 cm x 60 cm [Framed: 68 cm x 68 cm]
  • 2019


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About this work

My painting for the Gaia Reborn exhibition is a work about harmony, abundance, coexistence and love. In the past people cooperated with nature. They did not subordinate it to themselves. They integrated with it and with the Earth itself, and living in this harmony with the laws of nature brought only benefits.

Earth, nature, are like a loving mother and there will be a place here for everyone – as long as we respect her and each other. 

Additional information


Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak is a Polish contemporary artist who lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Polish Philology at the Warsaw University, Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium) and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw, Poland) where she obtained an MFA in Painting. 
Ewa’s oil paintings are a combination of still life, nature and fantasy. She creates rainbow-colored visions of animals that are made of materials, as if woven out of thread and decorative fabrics. Building on contrast, they are full of life, energy, and fantasy, always idealized in their complicated nature and continuous transformation. 
In her works, Ewa uses intensely saturated colors, which illustrate the vibrancy of the world her characters inhabit. 

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