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Inside Issue 24 with Ray Caesar’s incredible digital work on the cover you will discover the voices and stories of 40+ visual and wearable art creatives that will inspire your own practice or collection. Art power couple Soey Milk and Kent Williams share a deeply personal conversation about life, love, and living and working together, Ceramicist Erika Sanada gives us a step by step description of her creation process. Lee Price shares her own struggle with compulsiveness, and her thoughts on why many of us are constantly hungry – because we are never really nourished, Syd Bee shares her views on joy and sorrow, and how loss and longing inform her work. Erica Berkowitz, Director of Haven Gallery provides us with a fascinating insight into what artwork she would like to add to her personal collection, we learn about some of our favourite wearable art brands, and so much more!

Each issue is a beautiful and unique collectable. If you love visual or wearable art, then you will love Beautiful Bizarre Magazine!

Inside Issue 24

In-Depth Interviews: Ray Caesar [cover artist], Olivia De Berardinis, Lee Price, Esao Andrews.

Artists Vs Artist Interview: Artist couple Soey Milk & Kent Williams share a deeply personal conversation about life, love and working and creating together.

Path to Creation: Erika Sanada takes us through her ceramic sculpture creation process.

Featured Articles: Kris Lewis, Fuco Ueda, Jacub Gagnon, Lauren Marx, Bella Kotak, Syd Bee, Olga Esther.

Curator’s Wishlist: Erica Berkowitz, Director of Haven Gallery shares what she would like to add to her personal collection

Lookbook: CRAWW

Artist Snapshot: Justin O’Neal, Jon Ching, Vipoo, Lukifer Aurelius, Alexander Jansson, Amy Haslehurst all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice.

  1. What ideas are you currently exploring in your work?
  2. How does contemporary always “plugged in” culture influence your work?
  3. What are the things you wish you knew when you started out?
  4. Tell us about an important life moment that influenced the direction of your work, and how.

Some of our Favourite Things: Our favourite wearable art brands including Eero Hinstanen, Véronique Jeantet, Emma Ware, Yana Markova, Luci Jockel, Lee Brennan,

Join the Tribe: Our Instagram #beautifulbizarre community feature including @sarahbowmanphotography, @5103_lyrapaint, @franz_martlet, @vangoth_ncl, @tatitheoverlord, @agnieszka.nienartowicz, @tascott,


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