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Inside Issue 28

Inside Issue 28 we plunge into the work of Matthew Grabelsky and his wild subway world, and learn what is involved in the design process of a book cover with Tran Nguyen. We share in an intimate conversation between Nom Kinnear King and Adam Oehlers as they reveal what its like to live, love and create together. We hear how 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Winner Annie Murphy-Robinson uses her art, as a catharsis and tool to heal traumatic wounds from her past in a deeply personal and moving interview.

Bruno Pontiroli shares his desire to use humour as a universal language to bridge cultural divides and enliven the increasingly negative mindset invading the 21st century. While we touch on Jason Mowry’s interest in expressing the anima, the unconscious feminine side of a man, as keeper or dispenser of deep wisdom, and how this is expressed in his watercolour paintings.

In our exclusive in-depth interview with Australian analogue photographer Petrina Hicks, she reveals how her interest in the animal-human relationship is captured in her work as the “otherness” – the boundary between the human and non human animal. We also take a close look at 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Sculpture Award Winner, Akishi Ueda’s detailed surreal sculptures, and discover how his reoccurring city motif expresses memory; but not his, the memory of humanity.

We feature Lori Earley’s figurative paintings in stunning full page reproductions in Issue 28’s Lookbook, and delve into Mathilde Oscars’ photography and her insatiable hunger to tell stories.

While our editor-in-chief acknowledges the horrific bush fires that have ravaged Australia from September 2019 into 2020, and issues a call to arms for people to step up and accept their responsibility to this planet in her ‘Letter from the Editor’. The director of New England Regional Art Museum, Rachel Parson, shares what artwork she would like to add to her personal collection.

Plus we discover some of our favourite wearable art brands, and so much more inside Issue 28 // March 2020, which showcases some of the best and most inspiring emerging and mid-career artists of our time.

Exclusive Interviews: Matthew Grabelsky [cover artist], Sarah Joncas, Annie Murphy-Robinson, and Petrina Hicks

Path to Creation: Tran Nguyen shares the process of creating an artwork for the book cover of author Elizabeth Lim’s novel ‘Unravel the Dusk’ 

Feature Articles: Akishi Ueda, David Stoupakis, Bruno Pontiroli, Monica Rohan, Jeffrey Chong Wang, Mathilde Oscar, Jason Mowry

Lookbook: 6 pages of stunning full page reproductions of Lori Earley’s paintings

Snapshot Q&A: Harold Muñoz, Marisa Aragón Ware, Alexandra Dvornikova, Sandra Ovenden, Lani Imre, Cassidy Rae Marietta all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice.

  1. Art is a visual language what are you hoping to communicate to the viewer through your work?
  2. What is the most challenging part about creating art for you?
  3. What role do you feel art and the artist have in today’s society?
  4. Do you think beauty in art is important?

Curators Wishlist: Rachel Parsons, Director of NERAM shares what she would like to add to her personal collection

Artist vs Artist: Artists Nom King and Adam Oehlers share an intimate conversation about life, love and creating.

Some of our Favourite Things: We share some of our favourite wearable art brands including Bakeneko Designs, MATERIAL MEMORIE, On Aura Tout Vu, Cecilio Castrillo Designs, Alicia Hannah Naomi, and KAIMIN

Join the Tribe: Our Instagram #beautifulbizarre community feature including @fernanda_helguera, @art_guliaev, @kristeneganart, @smalyon, @fabio_timpanaro, @parvati.artwork, @cjpartist, @jeszika_levye


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