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Inside Issue 36

Exclusive In-Depth Interviews: Mary Jane Ansell [cover artist], Rob Woodcox, Lo Chan Peng, Ron Hicks

Feature Articles: Judith Nangala Crispin, Juli About [Honourable Mention, 2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize], SilllDA, Fumi Nakamura, Sui Yumeshima, Stephanie Rew [People’s Choice Award Winner, 2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize], Eva Gamayun

Collectors Profile: We speak to Erica Berkowitz & Joseph Weinreb, owners of Haven Gallery in New York, about their incredible collection of New Contemporary Art
Curators Wishlist: Jennifer Rizzo, Director of Hashimoto Contemporary and Spoke Art, shares what she would like to add to her personal collection.
Artist + Artist: An intimate conversation between artist couple Martin Wittfooth & Elizabeth Winnel-Wittfooth about life, love, and living and working together.

Lookbook: 8 pages of stunning full page reproductions of Peca’s amazing pop surreal paintings.

Snapshot Q&A: Jisu [Digital Art Award Winner, 2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize], Jenny Orchard, Lexi Laine [Photography Award Winner, 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize] , Colleen Southwell, ojeRum, Kim Slate, all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice:

  1. How do you respond to criticism, and does it influence your future work?
  2. With the move to more online exhibitions, what role do physical galleries have in the arts going forward?
  3. If you had unlimited resources what would you do to further your art career?
  4. How does your work reflect you as an individual?

Some of our Favourite Things: We share some of our favourite wearable art brands including: Staskauskas’ Jewelry, Amy Day Design, Marina Eerrie, Rosalie Boonstra Couture, Maison Artc, Alabama Blonde

Join the Tribe: Our Instagram #beautifulbizarre community feature including: @bahrignc, @janansdesign, @quangthinh25, @danny.bautista__, @byroglyphics, @jamesrupapara, @gazilliondots & @by_dalege, @ellenjewet


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