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Inside Issue 43

Exclusive In-Depth Interviews: Kukula [cover artist], Riikka Sormunen, Brooke Shaden, Lo Chan Peng [Grand Prize Winner of the 2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize]

Articles: Lesley Thiel, Emil Melmoth, Sarah Jarret, Takahiro Hirabayashi, Ed Binkley

2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize: Special editorial featuring this year’s Winners

  • Grand Prize Winner of the 2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize – Lo Chan Peng
  • Winner of the RAYMAR Traditional Art Award – Markus Åkesson
  • Winner of the INPRNT Photography Award – Petite Doll
  • Winner of the Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award – Forest Rogers
  • Winner of the iCanvas Digital Art Award – Garis Edelweiss
  • Winners of the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Founders’ Emerging Artist Award – Sarah Lee

Curators Wishlist: Vicki Fox, Director of Quirky Fox Gallery in Hāwera, New Zealand, shares what she would like to add to her personal collection.

Path to Creation: Juliet Schreckinger takes us through her creation process from conceptualization to completion.

Lookbook: Full page reproductions of Gabriel Moreno’s incredible drawings.

Quick Q&A: Dolce Paganne, Mary Perkins, Brad Gunn, Marc Le Rest, and Raul Guerra all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice:

  1. How do you approach the challenge of creating a cohesive body of work?
  2. How do you balance the commercial aspects of being an artist with the creative part?
  3. Do you compare your work to your peers? How does this affect you/your practice?
  4. What are your goals and aspirations as an artist, and what do you hope to achieve with your work?

Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory: Discover exceptional, innovative and skilled artists from around the world with Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory – the leading platform for connecting with top talent.

Inside this issue: Brittany Markert, Barrett Biggers, Nicomi Nix Turner, Ryan Pola, Marco Santos, Eugene Varzic, Gina Matarazzo, Yulia Pustishkina, Theodora Capat, Jill Feenstra, Kayla Mahaffey, Robert Steven Connett, Allison Reimold, Liba Waring Stambollin, Lexi Laine, Yoann Penard, Ciane Xavier, Ingrid Baars, Sasha Krautman, Pausha Foley, Rob Domenech, Noah Adam Norrid

Some of our Favourite Things: We share some of our favourite artisan fashion designers including: Mr Mortimer’s Wife, Lance Victor Moore, Daisuke Tanaka, Falconiere, Accentuate and Ccwdmoss

Our Community: Our Instagram #beautifulbizarre community feature including: @alexandriaolivia, @angelikarasmus, @bysunnywu, @colleen_stapleton, @kesjatabaczuk, @rosannagaddoni, @signum.noir, @sonal.bakrania


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