Kazuki Takamatsu

The Choices For The Freedom

  • Acrylic, acrylic gouache and giclee on tarpaulin
  • 72.7 cm x 60.9 cm [Framed: 74 cm x 85.7 cm]
  • 2019

This work is no longer available.


About this work

This work is the symbol of the traditional motif, history and culture. The goldfish and chrysanthemum are the symbol of unnatural appreciation creatures.

The theme of this work is to find the self freedom in the rule of history, culture and society.

The pure emotion of an immature child provides the mirror to reflect the contradiction in present life, and I believe there is the beauty in it.

Additional information


Concept and statement of Kazuki. 
I consider a sectional plan of the front or back as digital numbers and the visuals of the graduation between black and white that I get rid of the light and shadow have the meaning of the reflection of positive and negative, good and evil, and race and religion are not discrimination. 
I use the both digital CG and analogue materials. Then I record the feeling of human which they think about the systematical modern society. 

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